What is Food Literacy?

"Food literacy is having the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary
 to choose, grow, prepare and enjoy healthy food to support one’s 
health, community and the environment. It means understanding the impact of 
our food choices on our health, the environment and our economy." 
-Fraser Health

What is Food Security?

"Food security exists when all people have sufficient, safe and nutritious food 
for an active and healthy life. Healthy food needs to be available and accessible 
so people can make healthy food choices."
-Government of B.C.



With our Food Literacy Coordinator Amy Gehrig at the helm,

the RVCS Instagram Page & Blog offers up a wealth of kitchen know-how

aimed at improving skills and food security throughout the Robson Valley.

Follow along, learn a thing or two, and be prepared to salivate uncontrollably!