Valemount Roots of Life Child Care Centre

*Please note that this program is subject to a pending licensing application.


Our Vision 

The Roots of Life Child Care Centre aims to provide inclusive, child-centered care that fosters connection to the land and indigenous teachings, enriching children’s development while embracing the whole child: mind, body and spirit. 


Our Mission 

To build a continuity of care that is transparent and trauma-informed, using a collaborative approach between facility, families, and community. By valuing the process as much as the outcome, we inspire children to build confident independence through self-discovery. 


Our Philosophy 

At Roots of Life Childcare Centre we view children and youth as innately competent, curious and capable learners, integrating play as our primary method for learning. In their roles our ECE’s foster this by learning alongside the children, asking open-ended questions to build on natural curiosity while exploring the children’s interests. Our centre is founded on the importance of inclusion and creating opportunities for children of all developmental levels to be able to actively engage in programs with both a sense of autonomy and belonging. Continuity of care is a priority, we believe in meeting a child where they are at, creating goals and curriculum that are developmentally appropriate, while also celebrating their individuality. Through our approach, the process is valued as much as the outcome.  

We strive to honour First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples current and past experiences through building relationships with members of those communities, present with the goal of creating opportunities in the centre that reflect on their way of being, knowing, learning and teaching. We believe in the connection between people and the land and how it can give us a grounded sense of belonging.  

Care is provided in a way that embraces the strengths of both the children and their families. We encourage open and honest communication in every aspect of the centre, as well as accountability. Staff are adept at recognizing the needs of the whole child. In relation to this, our centre operates from the perspective that every behaviour is trying to communicate a need for the child experiencing it. Our goal is to understand the behaviour and assist children in navigating through them. Our centre prioritizes each child and family, recognizing them as the experts in their own experiences. 


Please see the Valemount Childcare Information Sheet for more details on the various programs offered and how to access them.


This program is funded by the Ministry of Education and Child Care through the ChildCareBC New Spaces Fund.