Supported Child Development Program






The Supported Child Development program is intended for children with developmental delays, or at risk of a developmental delay. Our consultants will work with the children to assess and develop a service plan to help children progress in their development. The consultant will advocate and work with families providing education and information to help them support the child. Often other health care professionals (such as language/speech and physio therapists) will be consulted to best meet the child’s needs.

The Supported Child Development Consultant will provide assessments, service plans and other support for children ages 0-18 who have developmental delays, or are at risk of having a developmental delay in physical, cognitive, communicative, or emotional/behavioral areas. The SCD Consultant will support children with identifiable special needs, the opportunity to participate in a positive inclusion program (day care, school, or other group program) designed to optimize the child’s unique developmental progress in an environment suited to their specific cultural, societal and family values. Services can be delivered in the family’s home, community, or office setting. Services will be provided on a flexible basis including mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends as required by the needs of the client.


For more information on our SCD programming and what to expect as a client please see the RVCS SCD Program Information Sheet.


This program is funded by the Ministry of Children and Family Development.








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