Stopping the Violence Counselling Program






Offers support, advocacy, and individual and/or group counselling to female survivors of violence including but not limited to; sexual assault, relationship violence, and childhood abuse. The program initially works with self-identifying women to recognize the nature of their current challenge and/or needs, then identify the woman’s goals in sessions, and ascertain available service options. Feminist based counselling is available to help facilitate a woman’s understanding of her own experiences, exploration of past and present coping skills in order to develop new or strengthen existing ones, and to address issues arising from experiences of trauma; such as anxiety, depression, self-esteem, and self-worth. The Program worker is also available to provide community education and awareness regarding the prevalence and prevention of gender based violence. Where intervention beyond the scope of the program is required the program refers clients to other services, including clinical treatment.


For more information on our STVC programming and what to expect as a client please see the RVCS STVC Program Information Sheet.

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