Sexualized Assault Response Program

The Sexualized Assault Response Team at Robson Valley Community Services is dedicated to supporting victims/survivors of all genders. The SARP Staff are responsible for fostering supportive, safe and trauma-informed responses to sexualized assault disclosures from victims/survivors of sexualized violence in our communities through crisis response, advocacy within the various systems of care, and resources and referrals.

SARP staff are also trained to give survivors/victims all of their options following a sexualized assault, and provide support when they need it. The SARP Staff provide emotional and crisis support, intake and assessment for all of RVCS’s services, and accompaniment to hospital, police, and medical appointments as well as appropriate referrals in the community.

• Support

• Information

• Access to Counselling & Outreach Programs

• Accompaniment

• Options for Reporting

• Victim Services Resources

• Medical Exam Support

• Forensic Exam Support


Should survivors access medical care after a sexualized assault?

It is entirely your choice whether or not you receive medical or forensic services.
You don’t have to make a police report if you receive medical care.

If you’re not ready to make a decision about reporting, forensic evidence can be stored for up to a year in case you decide to later.

We do recommend that survivors receive some sort of medical attention, even without obvious injuries, but the decision is always yours. Our SARP program supports you in accessing services from a Forensic Nurse Examiner who is trained in supporting sexualized assault survivors.


What kinds of medical care can survivors expect?

Medication is available up to 7 days after a sexual assault and used to treat sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy prevention.
Medical exams are available up to 7 days after a sexual assault. A Forensic Nurse Examiner will check for injuries.
Forensic exams are available up to 3 days after a sexual assault. They are the same as a medical exam but include the collection of physical evidence that may be used for a police investigation if you choose to report within the year of its collection.


For more information on our SARP programming and what to expect as a client please see the RVCS SARP Program Information Sheet.


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