McBride Preschool

Robson Valley Community Services values the children in its community and wants to provide a safe and creative space for children to foster positive emotional, social, cognitive and physical development. Every child is entitled to an opportunity to develop personal responsibility and social skills, problem solving and inclusive experiences. Each child is a unique individual that brings gifts and wisdom to the program and is encouraged to explore the environments around them.

Parents are valued members of this early learning community and are encouraged to be involved in the progress of their child and their learning experiences. We work in partnership with families and “support them in meeting their responsibilities to their children” (ECEBC Code of Ethics)

Each staff member possesses their first aid training, Early Childhood Educators Certificate and License to Practice, or an Early Childhood Educators Assistant Certificate. Some of our staff hold a Special Needs Diploma, Infant Development Diploma, or a Degree in Child and Youth Care. These members will be working with the children they have specialized to work with.

This program is a setting where all children have the same opportunity to be a part of a learning community.


Image courtesy of Prawny from Pixabay