Indigenous Literacy Program

The Indigenous Literacy Program provides access to low barrier holistic indigenous literacy support for oral, reading, writing, math and computer use via drop-in, outreach, or by attending workshops. We can assist with areas such as: budgeting, interview prep, social awareness, health and nutrition, form filling, and navigating advocacy systems.

We can provide advocacy and support by increasing the individual’s understanding of social services and program promoted by our Outreach initiatives.

We also strive to increase a community understanding and awareness of local land, environmental, plant, and animal habitats and knowledge bases, and can do this through hosting a variety of workshops and programs with a focus on traditional and holistic methods: cooking, crafts, handwork, gatherings, foraging and the healing arts.

For more information on our indigenous literacy programming and what to expect as a client please see the RVCS Literacy Program Information Sheet.


Photo credit: Tuelekza