Housing: Ada’s Place


Entrance Criteria for all

Those who identify as women with or without children who have experienced intimate partner violence/abuse.


Privacy Declaration

All personal information collected is for the management of service delivery by Robson Valley Community Services. No information will be shared with anyone outside of the organization without the express permission of the potential applicant.




Ada’s Place Second Stage Housing Program

The second stage housing program is secure independent housing for women, with or without children, who have experienced intimate partner violence/abuse and whose income levels are low to moderate. We will prioritize those who are fleeing current violence from an intimate partner and who wish to stay in the community.

The Second Stage program accommodation consists of studio, two and three bedroom furnished apartments. Women living in Second Stage receive programming and supports that are intended to help them move forward in their lives in a healing, healthy and meaningful direction. Typical length of stay in our Second Stage program is anywhere from 6-18 months, potentially up to 2 years.


What does it cost?

Rent is either 30% of your gross household income from employment or other sources, or if you receive income assistance the rent is based on the maximum shelter allowance portion. Hydro and Wi-Fi are included.

Please see our Second Stage Housing Information Sheet for further details.




Ada’s Place Long Term Affordable Housing Program

The long term, affordable housing program consists of six apartments that are 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms and intended to provide long term women led tenancy for women with or without children, also with low to moderate income, who are looking for a sense of safety, community and longer term stability.

There is some programming and support included with long term housing. There is no limit to the length of stay in this housing. Applicants will be triaged based on vulnerability, risk and need. Tenants need to be able to live independently and must provide their own furnishings.

These tenants must fall under the Housing Income Limits (HILS): 2023 Housing Income Limits (HILS) – Effective January 1, 2023 (bchousing.org), and upon Intake resident must fill out and sign a rent subsidy application alongside their tenancy agreements.


Long Term Housing Application


This program is funded by BC Housing.