Family Support Program

The Family Support Worker can assist families in working towards a stable and healthy foundation for the home environment, to support family members struggling with parenting, communication, conflict resolution and life skills.

The Family Support Worker provides skilled intervention from which to strengthen the family’s capacity to maintain a stable and healthy home while supporting the development of positive parenting skills.  Workers support families who are deemed to be; in crisis, high risk of breakdown, struggling with healthy parenting, needing support through conflict resolution and/or separation, stress management, and relationship support, where children are involved.  The Family Support Worker also provides emotional and instructional support to families for basic daily living activities and obligations, such as budgeting and time management, advice on day-to-day home management techniques, and child care and assistance.

Finally, the Family Support Worker can also support children and youth up to age 19, in developing healthy relationship and independent living skills.


For more information on our Family Support programming and what to expect as a client please see the RVCS FS Program Information Sheet.


This program is funded by the Ministry of Children and Family Development.








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