Child and Youth Mental Health Program


The Child and Youth Mental Health Support program provides confidential and professional individual or group support to children between the ages of ages 0 and 18 and their families.  Support may include assessment, recommendation of treatment; client care, targeted prevention and early intervention, and education on mental health services and awareness. The goal of the program is to strengthen protective factors and reducing risk factors effecting child and youth mental health. The CYMH Support Worker addresses mental health issues ranging from anxiety and emotional regulation to learning disabilities and the effects of parenting problems, and poverty.

The Child and Youth Mental Health Support Worker provides advocacy for children, youth and families, will facilitate psycho-educational groups in elementary and secondary schools, communities and office, and is available for professional development and any other educational type workshops as requested.

Where intervention beyond the scope of the program is required the program refers clients to other services, including clinical treatment.


For more information on our child & youth mental health programming and what to expect as a client please see the RVCS CYMH Program Information Sheet



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