RVCS Food Security Services



1. Soup & Bun 

Adding to the free food options in the Robson Valley, we are offering by donation Soup & Bun. The Soup is prepared by lovely volunteers and utilizes some of the rescued ingredients we receive from our partner organizations such as Second Harvest. All funds earned will go back into the Soup & Bun program so that everyone is able to enjoy meals in the future. EVERYONE is WELCOME!

If you are interested in volunteering to make or hand out soup, contact Jana in McBride (jana@rvcsbc.org or call 250-569-2266) or Rebecca in Valemount (foodsecurity@rvcsbc.org or call 250-566-9107).



2. Free Food Farm Stand & Free Pantry 

Our Free Food Farm Stand is located in the lobby at 99 Gorse street Valemount and open during our business hours. This program is part of RVCS’s Food Security Program. It helps reduce wasted food, makes local produce accessible and free, and increases emergency food access to folks in the Valley.

By making this fridge accessible to everyone, we are working to reduce the stigma of accessing free food. Food is a human right and choosing the food we want to eat is a human dignity. Take what you need/want, eat it at home (after you wash it), trade your own garden produce for food others have grown, and/or donate to our food security program so we can continue to feed folks throughout the winter.


    • The food in this fridge is FREE and for Everyone
    • The food has been donated by local growers or harvested from the Valemount Community Garden
    • Only take what you need/want
    • Only leave food that is good to eat (not rotten or damaged)
    • Wash all food from fridge when you get home
    • No processed food- Processing means, cutting, washing, freezing, canning, cooking etc…
    • If you have grown a surplus and want to trade one vegetable for another this is the place for you!


If you would like to give back, consider donating to our food security program or volunteering at the Valemount Community Garden.




3. Valemount Seed Library 

Our seed library started in the fall of 2022.  It is currently located in the lobby at 99 Gorse street Valemount and is accessible whenever we are open.  Everyone is welcome to borrow or donate seeds however we ask that you take a few minutes to read about what seed libraries are and agree to try and save seeds to give back to the library at the end of the growing season.

Why participate in a seed library?

Seed libraries allow for sharing of seeds within a community. Seed saving saves money, produces seeds that have local adaptations, increases the genetic diversity of seeds, and gives the gardener the ability to save seeds that have favorable characteristics like colour and flavour.


Seed saving terminology

Hybrid Seeds: are created by crossing plants of two different varieties, generally they do not produce offspring with the same traits as the parent plant.

Open-pollinated Seeds: produce plants that are very similar to the parent.

Heirloom seeds: are open-pollinated varieties with a history of being handed down from generation to generation.


How it works:

    • Check out the catalogue
    • Grow the seeds in your garden and use resources ( books, workshops, friends) to learn how to save the seeds.
    • Keep track of:
      • Name and date
      • How well it grew
      • If you liked the taste or look
      • Take a photo
    • Dry and clean the seeds. Keep some for yourself and return the rest to the library.
    • We also accept donations of commercial seeds.
    • Do your seeds have a story? Have they been passed down from your great aunt? Feel free to share the story with us on the donation package.


Link to donation form: https://forms.gle/YsZEnDBKzwzSdQbv6 

Questions to Foodsecurity@rvcsbc.org 


If you are new to seed saving check out these resources:



    • The Valemount Library has a great selection of seed saving books. Check out their catalogue and talk to the librarians.


    • RVCS runs seed saving workshops annually. Keep your eyes out in the fall.


If you’re interested in getting involved, please contact foodsecurity@rvcsbc.org.


Check out our Community Food Offerings Calendar to find out when and where the next soup and bun event is happening, or keep an eye on our social media accounts.

Image courtesy of Jack Sparrow from Pexels