Second Harvest

Second Harvest rescues good food from across the supply chain- from farmers, processors, manufacturers, distribution centres and retailers, to ensure nutritious food gets to people who need it.

The food we rescue and redistribute is primarily perishable: fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese, juice, milk and more. Everything we redistribute is good food that has been donated because it is unsold surplus.

That rescued food supports a network of non-profits and social service agencies, including food banks, meal programs, children’s breakfast programs, community centres, drop-in centres, summer camps, women’s shelters, and other frontline social services.

In addition to direct delivery, Second Harvest’s food rescue app is available nation-wide to help local food donors share their unsold, healthy surplus with non-profits in their own communities.



Mealshare is a charity that partners with restaurants, allowing their customers to help youth in need. To restaurant customers, it’s a clear concept: For every Mealshare item purchased, one simple, healthy meal is provided to a youth in need.

Mealshare partner restaurants identify menu items that are part of the program using our logo. For each Mealshare-branded menu item sold, restaurants contribute $1.00. By ordering a Mealshare menu item, customers get their meal as they normally would, and they get the satisfaction of knowing a youth in need will receive a simple, healthy meal.

A&W is a local Mealshare affiliated restaurant. You can order an Uncle Burger with Bacon combo on Mealshare Mondays or ask to add-on $1 in support of helping to alleviate hunger in the Robson Valley.

For more information on Mealshare, click here.


A BIG thank you to our partnerships with Uncle Marks Kitchen, the Valemount Public Library and Food Banks Canada.

Their dedication to preserving food security in our communities is nothing short of admirable.