The Open Gate Community Garden in McBride

The Open Gate provides rental of gardening plots in a fenced garden area. The plots are 4’ x 8’ and were all raised to 3ft heights, with fresh soil made available to top up the existing beds. Rental is $20.00 per year with some requirement to help with the upkeep of the garden area. Contact Dorothy Simpson at 569-3343 for more information.


Valemount Community Gardens

The Valemount Community Garden was established in 2020 with significant effort from Robson Valley Community Services,  Valemount residents, and local businesses.  We look forward to the coming growing season in the summer of 2022, and will be calling for bed requests in early March.  If you have any questions, or would like to be part of a volunteer steering committee for the Valemount Community Garden please reach out to us at  foodsecurity(AT)


Robson Valley Gardeners Facebook Group

If you would like to learn more about gardening in the Robson Valley you can visit Robson Valley Gardeners Facebook Group, which is a facebook group designed to assist residents with northern gardening tips, tricks and support.



Top Photo credit: Facebook unknown

Bottom Photo Credit: Katharina McNaughton