The Family Court Support program offers free and confidential assistance to self-identified survivors of intimate partner and family violence from the Robson Valley who are contemplating or are engaged in proceedings under the Family Law Act, where the matters are being heard in Provincial Court or where the survivor may wish to access consensual dispute resolution processes.


Our Family Court Support Coordinator provides family law related information including understanding the court processes, the Family Law Act in Provincial Court, and roles and responsibilities of the participants, and connects clients to legal information and assistance including legal aid, duty counsel, private lawyers, family justice counsellors, and other legal services.



Clients are assisted with completion of court forms, applications and appeals for legal aid and referrals to relevant services, and may be accompanied to make court appearances as a support and for clarification.  This includes direct assistance or referrals to non-legal services such as counselling, transportation, housing, financial assistance and benefits, health and other social services. The Coordinator can also offer a safe and confidential space to attend virtual meetings or hearings, if needed, among other supports relevant to the program.


The areas of support include:

  • Protection orders
  • Family Maintenance Enforcement Program
  • Legal aid applications
  • Spousal support
  • Child support
  • Mobility/relocation
  • Parental responsibilities
  • Direct assistance or referrals to non-legal services
  • Guardianship and parenting time


For more information on our Family Court Support Program and what to expect as a client, please see the RVCS Program Information Sheet.



Image courtesy of Daniel Bone from Pixabay