Client Feedback

Giving a Compliment

We appreciate all feedback that our clients and their families may wish to share with us. If you have something you’d like to express, please reach out to feedback(AT) and let us know what went well.


Expressing a Concern or Complaint

Individuals and/or their families are encouraged to bring any concern or complaint they have with the services they have received directly to the attention of program staff and to attempt to resolve issues informally through open and respectful dialogue. What you tell us is taken seriously.

If you feel uncomfortable discussing the issue with the relevant person, you can inform the Supervisor, Manager or Executive Director for the program or service. Informal complaints and concerns may also be emailed to feedback(AT) without the need to submit a form.

Some concerns can be handled right away, while others may take more time to look into. You may get phone calls or emails with updates on the status of your concern. While the concern is being looked into, we will talk to those involved on a need-to-know basis. The lessons learned may be shared in order to improve care for others.


Formal Complaint Process

If you and/or your family member has not had your concerns resolved through the informal process described above, a formal complaint may be made by completing this form and mailing it to one of the addresses listed in the footer below, or emailing it to our management team at feedback(AT) The staff member who is made aware of the complaint can offer to assist you in completing the form as needed or requested. Paper copies of this form are also available at either office. Full details on the RVCS formal complaint process are available in the Client Handbook.

Finally, your privacy will be protected at all times under the Personal Information & Privacy Act (PIPA).