Robson Valley Community Services is a charitable, non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening all individuals, families, and communities by providing programs and services, and by collaborating within a rural environment. Most of our services do not require a referral and are provided free of charge.

All of our programs have the capacity to provide in-office or outreach services.


The History of RVCS

The Robson Valley Support Society was first incorporated in 1980 with just a couple of programs under its contract. Throughout the years, the social care charity transformed from a small, crises-focused center to a bustling agency with over 25 staff, two locations and a broad array of programs and services. In 2018 the organization underwent a complete rebranding, including a new logo, business name and office space, with the aim of better representing the diverse collection of services provided. Robson Valley Community Services, as it is now known, is continuing to evolve and expand in unimaginable ways in order to better meet the needs of the community.


Organizational Vision
The Vision: Robson Valley Community Services aims to continually adapt and respond to the ever-changing needs of the Robson Valley, from a community social-service perspective.
The Mission: Robson Valley Community Services is a charitable organization dedicated to strengthening individuals, families, and communities by providing programs and services, and developing partnerships within a rural environment.


Our Values
The Core Values of Robson Valley Community Services (as listed alphabetically):




RVCS offers a wide variety of free client/family-centered and client-directed services to children, youth, families and individuals. Residents of the Robson Valley may access support around:

  • employment and career counselling;
  • parenting;
  • senior services;
  • family support;
  • youth services;
  • child and youth mental health;
  • infant and child development;
  • information/advocacy/and counselling for women living with, or transitioning from, violence;
  • counselling for children affected by violence;
  • Police Based victim services;
  • adult literacy;
  • sexualized assault response;
  • navigating systems such as housing, immigration, medical, and social assistance; and
  • accessing temporary safe shelter for women and children experiencing, or are at risk of experiencing, violence. Women and children who have experienced violence or are at risk of experiencing violence are able to access healing through alternative forms of therapy such as trauma-informed yoga.
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Our Commitment to Diversity

Robson Valley Community Services is an equal opportunity employer and will deliver services with the aim of accessibility and inclusion for all clients regardless of their gender, culture, physical abilities, immigration status, colour, sexual orientation, religion, income level, family members’ choice of trade or isolation status.

Membership to RVCS

Robson Valley Community Services invites applications once a year for general membership. Becoming a member of RVCS grants you voting rights in the election of directors after 30 days of approved membership. Members to RVCS do not attend monthly board meetings, nor do they have the same level of obligation as that of a director. As per society bylaws, membership to the agency requires a nominal fee from applicants.

Aside from the sense of pride felt in making a difference in your community, members in good standing receive perks such as free or discounted training opportunities and are encouraged to volunteer in agency programs and services, where possible.  

If you’d like to apply as a member to RVCS, please fill out an application form and submit the completed form, with the respective fee, to



As of November 2015, RVCS was proud to announce the entire agency will be working from a trauma informed lens. At RVCS employees are continuously staying on top of their field to ensure best practice and up to date approaches and tools are being utilized.

Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

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