You Matter. Period. (Menstrual Drive)

To many, menstruation is seen as unclean, embarrassing or taboo. This perpetuates a painful and stifling stigma that is also linked to the barriers of accessing menstrual products. 💜
Let’s start a broader discussion of menstruation. Together, we can end period poverty in the Robson Valley, because You Matter. Period.
We are gladly accepting donations of products such as tampons, pads, menstrual cups, new underwear, sports bras and sanitary wipes for our Safe Home Information and Support Program.
Drop- off bins will be available in Valemount at IDA Pharmacy, IGA, and the RVCS office.
You may drop off in McBride at AG Foods, IDA Pharmacy and the RVCS office.
If you are in need of these products, please call our Safe Home Coordinator, Cat, on her direct line at 1-778-763-1260.