1. Valemount – 1451 5th Avenue Affordable Childcare “Valemount Children’s Centre”

‘The Village of Valemount is receiving funding to create 72 new spaces – 24 preschool spaces, 24 school-aged spaces and 24 group multi-age spaces – at the Robson Valley Community Services Society (RVCS) Children’s Centre. The centre will be on the ground floor of a new women’s affordable housing building and will be operated by the RVCS. In addition to its child care programming, RVCS will offer parenting courses and after-hours family support drop-in programs. The centre is expected to open in spring 2022.’

“It is our intent to utilize this provincial funding to reduce the barriers to child care in the Village of Valemount, which is critical to the continued economic and social health of our community,” said Lina Thompson, executive director, RVCS. “The Valemount Children’s Centre will provide a socially stimulating, multicultural and community-oriented environment to help kids grow, learn and prosper in a space devoted to holistically nurturing childhood development, while addressing the physical, relational, emotional and intellectual aspects of a child’s life.”

2. Valemount – 1451 5th Avenue Affordable Housing


Robson Valley Community Services, with the support of BC Housing and M’akola Development Services, is proposing to rezone vacant land owned by the Village of Valemount to build new, permanent affordable housing for women and children at risk of or affected by violence in Valemount.

About the Project

Located at 1451 5th Avenue, this new building will offer approximately 14 affordable rental apartments, as well as office space to provide on-site supports connecting women and children with resources to help them towards safe, independent living. The new housing will help meet a growing need for safe, affordable, long-term housing for women (including seniors) and children in the area.

The housing will be operated by Robson Valley Community Services (RVCS). RVCS is a charitable organization dedicated to supporting individuals, families and communities by providing programs and services and collaborating within a rural environment.

You can send us your questions and feedback below, or email link). All feedback received up to and including July 5, 2020 will be included in a report to Village Council as part of the municipal rezoning process.

Follow this link to fill out the feedback form or to check out the BC Housing website.


Dear Clients of RVCS,

Robson Valley Community Services wants to do what is best to keep the community safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We are practicing COVID safety protocol, in-office mask use and sanitization procedures, along with activity participation limitations. If you would like to meet with us. in-office appointments and activities are predominantely held virtually through video-conferencing or telephone meetings; though exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis.

We will reassess the situation as new Public Health Orders are released.

We are still available to provide services.

We can be reached at-

Toll Free: 1-844-324-2004

McBride Office: 250-569-2266

Valemount Office: 250-566-9107

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this stressful time. 


Who We Are

Robson Valley Community Services is a charitable organization dedicated to strengthening all individuals, families, and communities by providing programs and services, and by collaborating within a rural environment.


RVCS offers a wide variety of free client/family-centered and client-directed services to children, youth, families and individuals. Residents of the Robson Valley may access support around:

  • employment and career counselling;
  • parenting;
  • senior services;
  • family support;
  • youth services;
  • child and youth mental health;
  • infant and child development;
  • information/advocacy/and counselling for women living with, or transitioning from, violence;
  • counselling for children affected by violence;
  • Police Based victim services;
  • adult literacy;
  • navigating systems such as housing, immigration, medical, and social assistance; and
  • accessing temporary safe shelter for women and children experiencing, or are at risk of experiencing, violence. Women and children who have experienced violence or are at risk of experiencing violence are able to access healing through alternative forms of therapy such as trauma-informed yoga.

As of November 2015, RVCS was proud to announce the entire agency will be working from a trauma informed lens. At RVCS employees are continuously staying on top of their field to ensure best practice and up to date approaches and tools are being utilized.

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Commitment to Diversity


Robson Valley Community Services is an equal opportunity employer and will deliver services with the aim of accessibility and inclusion for all clients regardless of their gender, culture, physical abilities, immigration status, colour, sexual orientation, religion, income level, family members’ choice of trade or isolation status.

All programs have the capacity to provide in office or out-reach services.

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Safe Shelter Program

Sharing Hope and Offering Support

safe shelterThe Safe Shelter, Information and Support Program provides free and confidential information, support, and/or emergency shelter for women and their dependants who have experienced, or are at risk of experiencing, violence.

Call us toll free at 1-844-324-2004 for free shelter, support, and information- we are available 24/7. 

If you are experiencing any sort of violence, this guide can help you to increase your safety and prepare you in advance for the possibility of further violence.  Here are some ideas that you can use to keep you and your children safe.

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Supportive Child Development Program

Sharing Hope and Offering Support

supportive child development programThe Supported Child Development Consultant will provide assessments, service plans and other support for children ages 0-18 who have developmental delays, or are at risk of having a developmental delay in physical, cognitive, communicative, or emotional/behavioural areas.

The consultant will advocate and work with families providing education and information to help them support the child. Often other health care professionals (such as language/speech and physio therapists) will be consulted to best meet the child’s needs.

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